Sanremo is one of the top tourist destinations in the province of Imperia. It is known as the City of Flowers because of the opulence and prestige of its floral and nursery productions. The city is also famous for its festival.

For over 60 years the annual Sanremo Festival or Sanremo Music Festival has entertained the city of Sanremo, pioneer of the Italian music scene. Fans, critics, journalists and sector specialists all come together to watch singers do battle beneath the Ariston Theatre stage lights.

The Festival used to be held at the Casino, a fantastic liberty style building with lots of exciting games and green tables. The casino attracts gamblers and more casual risk takers alike who sometimes manage to bag a fortune and take home a cash prize.

In terms of sport, the Milano-Sanremo bicycle route and Rally di Sanremo are definitely worth a try. The former is known as the “great springtime classic” and one of the most important international cycle races whilst the latter takes place on the hinterland.

Nature lovers adore cycling, rollerblading and skating along Europe's longest bicycle route which hugs the seafront and is dotted with maritime pine trees and beaches. There are benches, fountains and rest areas along the route.

History and Culture in Sanremo

With its towers, castles, palaces, villas and cult locations, Sanremo is a major tourist destination brimming with history and art. The city is famous for its wealth of architectural styles from Roman to the predominant Liberty style (It was a tourist destination for high society throughout the 20th century).

Places to visit

The striking Byzantine style Russian Orthodox Church;

The fascinating Sanremo hinterland brimming with mystery and traditional flavours;

The village of Bussana Vecchia. It was destroyed by an earthquake and has sea views. It is home to painters, sculptors, potters, musicians and poets and known as the International Artists Village;

La Pigna, the city’s old town, is built in concentric circles on a hill and full of monuments and historical squares.

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